The Ugly Friend

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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The Ugly Friend
I’ve selected “The Ugly Friend” essay out of the three provided. Telling herself (Lyn Kilpatrick) as “an ugly” woman, representing the central idea of this essay. The main reason behind choosing “the ugly friend” as a central idea is that the woman who wrote this essay is very open toward her look and not hesitate to accept the observation of her look by others. She talked about her appearance and the charm to others about women in the whole story. Through “The ugly Friend” she was successful showing her fulfilment about being engaged. Therefore, it really shows that she is really into her man and looking forward to spend her life with her future husband ignoring what others might be thinking of her. She just wanted to enjoy the moment being single with her friend. She is very happy to tell other people (men) that she does not need to attract men of her appearance. All this justify “the ugly friend” as a central idea of the essay. Furthermore, in the very first paragraph in her essay, Lyn described about their meeting to two Swedish men. She very effectively visualized the whole scene occurred at the restaurant. Both men got attracted to her friend who was more presentable than Lyn. She understood the gestures of those two men how her look didn’t impress them at all. She very effectively left the reader a message that being beautiful does make difference (specifically to men). As well, she was not hesitate to tell those men about her engagement knowing the fact that they aren’t even interested in her at all. Lyn removed her ring from right hand side and put it in the left hand finger so that she can convince them that she is not interested at all. I personally think that she is very happy and a proud woman to have her fiancé in her life. Lyn is very successful in expressing her excitement toward her coming life. Finally, the fact that she shaved her head but not her legs influenced me that being simple or unique cannot demotivate you living...
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