The Ugly Ducking

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Auzy Yoana Khalisha
Desti Kumalasari
Fina Salsabila
Gita Permata Aryati
Nur Atmi Pertiwi
Rani Nuraini

The Ugly Duckling

Cast :
* Alif as Father Duck / Hunter
* Auzy Yoana Khalisha as Child 3 / “Beautiful” Ugly Duckling * Desti Kumalasari as Mother Duck / Old Lady
* Fina Salsabila as Animal 2 / Child 2 / Swan 1
* Gita Permata Aryati as Narrator
* Nur Atmi Pertiwi as Animal 1 / Child 1 / Swan 2
* Rani Nuraini as The Ugly Duckling

Narrator: Once upon a time, in a peaceful river bank, mother duck and father duck is waiting for their eggs to hatch. They’ve been waiting for days to play with their beloved ducklings.
Mother Duck: “Why my eggs haven’t hatched yet? I want to play with my ducklings soo bad... oh god please hatch them soon ”
Father Duck: “Be patient darling, I’m sure they’ll hatch soon ”
Narrator: And finally, at one beautiful and sunny morning, their eggs started to hatch one by one.
Mother Duck: “Oh my god! Finally! My eggs hatches! Oh my beautiful ducklings. Come, come to Momma! Oh honey, look! Look at our beautiful ducklings”
Father Duck: “Oh my god... Yes darl, our ducklings are soo beautiful... I’ll go and tell everyone that our eggs have hatched!”
Narrator: They were soo happy. Father duck immediately went to tell everyone. When he goes, mother duck started to count her ducklings, when she realized that one of her egg haven’t hatched yet. It was the last and biggest egg of them all.

Mother Duck: “Hmm... i wonder why it hasn’t hatched yet. Naah, I’ll wait for this one to hatch and then i will surely play with my kids. But why does this egg looks soo different? Hmm, i hope this egg will be worth the wait.”

Narrator: Mother duck was confused. But she continues to wait and wait... hoping that this different egg hatches to be the most beautiful of them all. But her hope crashes when the last egg finally hatched...

Ugly Duckling: “Quack quack! Mother, Mother!!! Quack quack!!”
Mother Duck: “What the... WHO ARE YOU?!”
Ugly Duckling: “Huh? Of course I’m your daughter... quack quack”
Mother Duck: “But why do you.... Nevermind.”
Narrator: Mother duck was confused. What appears before her is one big, filthy, and ugly duckling with shrill voice, soo different with the other ducklings. Not long after that, Father duck came. Mother duck tried to hide the ugly duckling, but then...

Ugly Duckling: “Father! Is that my Father, Mom? Quack”
Mother Duck: “Uh... Oh.. Why you.. errrr”
Father Duck: “WHAT? YOU’RE ONE OF MY DUCKLING? Hey you @#$%^&*&^%$# !!!! are you having an affair behind me?! Why does THAT duckling looks soo ugly?! She’s not my duckling!!!”
Mother Duck: “No honey no... I will never have an affair I’m confused as well... there’s no way that she’s one of our duckling. I refuse to consider her as one of my duckling ”
Father Duck: “Is that so? Well... but why does she look so ugly?!”
Mother Duck: “How in the world could i know why she looks like that... i definitely won’t admit her!”
Narrator: Mother and Father Duck didn’t realize that the Ugly Duckling is listening to their hateful conversation behind them... the Ugly Duckling felt so sad. It turned out that her parents weren’t the only ones who mocked her. The other animals, and even her siblings also mocked her everytime they met.

Animal 1 & 2: “Hey pals!”
Ducklings: “Yo what’s up!”
Animal 1: “Let’s pl... Look look! Here comes the ugly duckling! Eewww”
Animal 2: “Let’s go away guys!!! Beautiful animal like us should never hang out with a creature as ugly as her! Bye!”
Duckling 1: “Look! Everyone got away because we’re with you, filthy Duckling!!!”
Ugly Duckling: “But.. i didn’t do anything wrong... ”
Narrator: The other ducklings immediately left her alone. The ugly duckling felt so sad and tired of all animals that mocked her....
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