The Uglies

Topics: Beauty, Scott Westerfeld, White tiger Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: October 25, 2011
The Uglies Essay

Over time, society changes as well as the people in that society. Today’s society is obsessed with looks, fashion, and glamour. Advertisements can be found everywhere you look for clothes, beauty products, diet pills, etc. Society nowadays judges people based on their looks more than anything, There is a strong belief that the attractive ones are more likely to succeed. People living in today’s society will often find themselves doing anything to achieve this “beauty” in order to “fit in” and be accepted by others. This problem is commonly found in today’s younger generation; mainly teenagers and young adults. They grow up with the belief that one must have looks over more important things such as personality, intelligence, and self belief; they lose their uniqueness.

This is the problem Scott Westerfield sees wrong with society. He sees teenagers in today’s society worrying too much about looks and thinking that they can succeed with only that. Within the novel, Westerfield sees the young pretties as today’s teenagers. Young pretties believe that their only job is to spend their time partying and drinking yet still succeed in life. This idea is very similar to the beliefs of today’s teens who think that they can party all the time and get by without work but still succeed in school and in life.

In this novel, Westerfield talks about very important messages about life and society. In the Uglies, he describes the White Tiger Orchids as the most beautiful flowers ever seen. However, when they are mass produced, they lose their uniqueness as well as their beauty. When there are too many, they grow out of control and choke out all other plants to replace them with more orchids. I think Westerfield uses the White Tiger Orchids as a symbol of today’s teenagers losing their uniqueness by trying to “fit in” and be like everyone else. This problem in today’s society destroys the confidence and self esteem of people whom oppose it. Westerfield uses...
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