The Types of Academic Misconduct

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Academic Misconduct

Thesis Statement
There are many forms of misconduct in academics, which can result in disciplinary action within the university; therefore the purpose to this paper is provide education to students on the different types of misconduct in academics, advise on what can happen to a student who does this, and give suggestions for ways to avoid misconduct in academics.

What is academic misconduct?
When people think of plagiarism; the idea that comes to mind is that someone has used words or sentences from someone else’s work and has not properly given the person credit for the work. Plagiarism is a serious offense and there are many different ways to commit this offense, sometimes not even meaning to do this. The following are different types of plagiarism; using another persons work writing as your own, not using a quotation mark where a quote exist within a persons writing, not giving credit when using someone’s work or ideas, not giving the correct citation information when using work that is not the writers own, coping sentences while changing a few words, and or using more information from a source to where the paper mainly relies on that information from the source more than the writers. Plagiarism can be avoided by following simple rules:

1.Never quote someone’s words whether they be written or spoken without giving credit where it needs to be given. 2.Do not remove pictures or graphs to use as your own if it is not your own work without properly citing the person whom they belong to. 3.Never use paraphrasing to adopt another persons writing or speaking without giving credit. Multiple Submissions

Multiple submissions occur when a student uses their own work or parts of their own work more than once, this is called self-plagiarism. This can happen in a few different situations, students may use their own work to complete a similar paper to turn into an instructor or a publisher could use writings from previous...
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