The Two Story Essay

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  • Published : April 2, 2008
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The Compare and Contrast of The Lady with the Dog
and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter

When reading stories it is easy to find many similarities and differences. The Lady with the Dog and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter are a great example of the way stories can have the same theme but convey it in a different way. Stories like this make it easy to find the true meaning. The Lady with the Dog and The Horse Dealer’s Daughter both relate to a quest for love associated with heartache.

In the Lady with the Dog, Anna and Dmitri meet on a day in which Anna is alone in Yalta; Dmitri begins messing with her dog. Both of them are married, but still have a distinguished chemistry for one another. Although Dmitri looks down on woman, it is something about Anna that blowa his mind. Their time together leads to emotions and feelings arousing highly as the relationship progresses.

When referring to the Horse Dealer’s Daughter, it is a different path in the quest of love. Mabel is a young woman who is hurting from the death of her mother and the mistreating she is getting from her siblings. Like Anna, Mabel is alone and just depressed. She is being taking advantage of by her brothers. She has no one to talk to about her issues, until the day she meets Dr. Ferguson and they both sense the connection they have for each other.

In these stories, it is very different how the two couples meet and fall in love. There are similarities in the fact that they both find someone to love. The scenarios are different though, because in the Lady with the Dog, both of them are married and Dmitri had the qualities of a man that sleeps around with a lot of woman, outside of his marriage. In the Horse Dealer’s Daughter, Mabel and Dr. Ferguson never expect to have love for each other but it is very surprising how things turn out and makes Mabel’s life better.

Love is a great thing. Sometimes it can hurt, but it can also help to eliminate some of the hurt in one’s past.
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