The Two Presidents Case

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The Two Presidents

Facts| Qualitative Statements| Problem Identification|
Frances Workman had been president of Willard university for less than two years.| Frances was excellent speaker.| Frances was so busy with the external matters that she had little time to bother with the daily operations of the university.| She made the major operational decisions| She worked hard to build positive image of Willard university.| Alvin was not an effective speaker and did not spend much time dealing with the external affairs of the university.| She delegated the responsibility for daily operations to her three major vice presidents.| She started a new alumni club to help finance academic needs| Eastern was not involved in external funded research| Alvin Thomas was the president of Eastern state for about three years.| Alvin was not as popular as Frances| Faculty morale was declining in Eastern and faculty members did not believe they had an important voice in the administration.| Frances efforts resulted in the increase in enrollment of more than a thousand students in the last year.| Al spend much of the time working on the internal operation of the university| Eastern was under censure by the AAUP and that the university had a large number of students without adequate faculty.| Willard received the largest budget increase ever from the state university board.| Al was committed in developing a quality university.| | Funds from alumni club totaled almost $2million in its first year.| She also worked on the internal structure of the organization.| | Eastern student enrollment declined slightly by almost 300 students.| | | Question 1) Based on the information provided attempt to describe Frances and Al’s leadership styles. Ans: Frances was considered as a transformational leader as case clearly highlights that she helped Willard over some its old problems. She was an excellent speaker and used every opportunity to speak to citizen groups...
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