The Two Marriages

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  • Published : November 20, 2008
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The Two Marriages

Jessie Bernard



The Two Marriages by Jessie Bernard

Introduction : The book were Jessie Bernard talks about was published in 1972. The Passage was taken from that. In here the author talks about the relation of man and woman in a marriage. She talks about how mans natural instinct to control woman still exist in the modern time and it always will. By reading the passage we get that different people have different view no matter how close they are they says. Everybody’s perspective is different from each other. So though two people might live under the same roof, but when simple questions like lawn mowing or diper changing comes up, the answer varies. This proves that marriage doesn’t mean that two people are same, their thought’s are same. So why should it be man married the woman, why should it be woman maries the man or both. Over here we will talk about the how marriage benefit’s both or none.

Man’s perspective : Every single entity in world has always been generous to men. Men are considered superior then woman, their superiority is written in the holy books. So they have the advantage in every little thing. Why was marriage constructed at first place? It wasn’t for just sex, it could be one of the reason’s but not the sole reason. Marriage for two people means that they are and will be there for each other no matter what they go through, they will work together for a family, they will have children in that family, they will compromise. In here no one should be above none, everyone should be equal. But in reality we do not see anything like that. Everywhere around the world man is the head of the family and man empowers woman. Like it has been like for centuries. For man it is like that and they feel good about it. They do not stop to think about it. They are better and they should rule that’s it. There shouldn’t be any discussion about this. To a man it is normal to have the power to...
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