The Two Drovers

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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"The Two Drovers"

I cannot relate to the two drovers because it was written in the 1800 hundreds. Since it was written in the 1800 hundreds back then they had to heard cattle for many miles. Another thing would be that they use different word for some things an example would be that they say "His dirk, or skene-dhu" which means a black knife. I would not of known what that was and they use some words in a different language. I find this story very confusing and it is something I would not pick to read. The one thing that sticks out the most from this story is when Harry challenges Robin to a fistfight and Robin refuses to fight because he is a highland gentleman and will not fight without a broadsword. This just shows that back then they would fight with swords and handle it that way which tells you it must have been a while ago. I also do not agree with that because if someone punches you of hurts you in any way you should have the right to hit them back and not get in trouble. I think that Robin had a right to defend himself from Harry but I don't think it was necessary to kill him and then say he wished it was him instead of Harry. I also thought that the punishment for Robin was fair but the judge should not feel bad for them he has to represent a role and not get affected buy them. They also both deserved what happened to them but I felt like back then they didn't really think of what they were doing or going to do. Overall this short story is not something I could relate to and I felt very confused even if I read it more than once this is a story I would not read again and I really could not relate in any way at all because it was in the 1800s I felt disconnected and not able to understand it very well.