The Twelve Domains and Culture

Topics: Health care, Health, Nutrition Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: June 29, 2011
| Ecuador| Philippine| Serbian| Hispanic/ Latino | Hong Kong(China| Ethiopia(Africa)| Haiti| Ireland| Jordan | Romania| | nnnn| Nig| Nigerian| | jooJo| Whites | Puerto Ricans | Some other race| Overview, inhabited localities and topography | Coastal, Mountain(Andes) Tropical Amazon| Warm/ Rainy season| All Season | Very warm to hot Mountainous jungle| Hot climate close to the equator| Warm Mountainous| Located in North America in the Gulf of Mexico 95Degree| Europe. Mild climate and frequent rainfall. Mountainous and rocky | Middle East. Summer hot No humidity, noRain, winter-Rain never below 0 no snow lowestTemp 30-40 | Bucharest the Capital of RomaniaClimate like Chicago | | | | | | | | Communication. What is your culture dominate language and what other language beside your dominate language do you speak| Spanish/ English| 63 Languages Tagalog| Serbian/ Croetion | Spanish/ English| Cantonese/ Mandarin| Amharic/ English/ Shovak| Creole is street language French is spoken in school and offices| Irish/ English | Arabic dominantSchool teach English and French| RomanianEnglishFrench| | | | | | | | Family roles and Organization. Who is the head of the household and what are the gender roles| Husband Bread winner) Woman (Caretaker)| FatherHead of family) Mother (Homemaker)| MenHead of household Woman homemaker| Men (Head)Woman(homemaker)| Elder Males are the head.Woman (homemaker) | Both parents are the head of the household| Men head of housemother homemaker, | Both parents are the head of the household | Men head ofHousehold Mother homeMaker | Men are the head| | | | | | | | Workforce issues How timely Are you inReporting to work and being on time important. | “Always late” Family is more important| “Filipino time being late” outside of country being on time| Serbian being on time is important| Always on Time, Very important| Less strict doesn’t matter. Quality of life...
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