The Tulsa Race Riot and Floridas Rosewood Massacre

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Tulsa Race Riot and Florida’s Rosewoood Massacre

In about the 75 years following the Tulsa Race Riot, there has been investigation on what has happened in Tulsa on the date May 31 and June 1, 1921. The Tulsa Race Riot was a devastating event in history where many had lost their lives, around 300 with recent investigations, and the Greenwood District of Tulsa was destroyed. The riot started over a racial dispute, involving a group of black men trying to prevent a lynching of another black man after he was arrested, that escalated in the worst way leaving over a thousand homeless. Afterwards this horrific event was hid from the public for many years and is just being brought to attention within the past 10 years. The community that was destroyed from fire and destruction from the riot has since been rebuilt and is a completely changed area. But it is known there are still harsh feelings about what happened those many years ago and what little has been done to make up for it. No reparations have been made so far those who have suffered through the riot and survived and for the ones who didn’t and their descendents. No one was convicted for his or her participation in the riot and no compensation has been given for the many destroyed homes leaving many people homeless. The survivors of the riot are telling their stories and it is understood that they are trying to get the knowledge of this disaster to spread to other places outside of Tulsa to hopefully get something positive out of it weather it be knowledge for others or something to cope with the grief. This event is not in history books and has not even been really talked about within and outside the community until recently. Nothing effective has been done to make up for what wrong has been done to the victims. Which should immediately be changed, especially for the survivors of the incident who are still alive to their tragic story and share the truth that has been under wraps for so many...
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