The Truth Be Told: Socrates Examinations of Life

Topics: Plato, Truth, Anxiety Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: February 12, 2013
The Truth Be Told: Socrates Examinations of Life

In this essay I am evaluating if Socrates death harmed the citizens of Athens more then it did Socrates himself. Socrates has two reasons why Athens will be more harmed then him by his death. When Socrates died he did just that, he left the earth and was no longer there, after this moment Socrates was no longer harmed by his own death, the people of Athens however went on to suffer the repercussions for years to come. It was Athens in the end that suffered, Socrates was at peace.

The first reason Socrates believed that his death would be more harmful on the Athenian people because the children would lose their teacher. The children looked up to Socrates as their role model, they enjoyed watching him examine people and proving them unwise when they think that they are wise. They learnt from his philosophizing. Socrates predicted that his execution would make the children of Athens rebel. During the trial, he used the analogy of horses and horse trainers in comparison to teaching the children. He stated that not just anyone can train a horse; only an expert could do so. Most people would have a negative effect on the horses if they tried to train them. Therefore, saying that the same goes for children, it would take someone with expertise to better the children’s minds. Without an appropriate mentor the children would never learn as they age into adulthood which would affect Athens for years to come.

The second reason Socrates believed that his death would be more harmful on the citizens of Athens is that during his trial he referred to them as a big slow horse, and referred to himself as a fly; and this fly is constantly biting the horse to make him move faster. The point of this analogy was to show the people that without him they will suffer. Socrates is always trying to improve the people of Athens. Without him, there will be no one there to find out the truth, to teach the truth. With Socrates gone the...
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