The Truth About Voodoo Final Draft

Topics: West African Vodun, Benin, Fon people Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Many people think that Voodoo is an evil practice. That it is about nothing but curses and shrunken heads. Well, that is far from the truth.

Let’s start by talking about what voodoo is. Voodoo is actually derived from the word, “Vodun”, which means, “Spirit”. When it comes to the word Vodun, Voodoo is often referred to as West African Vodun. Much of Voodoo is actually on a spiritual basis. People who practice Voodoo believe that it can cleanse the spirit through rituals and praying to many Gods. Apart from spiritual Gods, voodoo also focuses around elements of the earth, such as steam, tree, and rock.

Much of Vodun theology focuses around something called “Cosmology”. Cosmology deals with origin and ancestry, such as where people and animals came from. When it comes to the cosmology of Vodun, it is actually compatible and very similar to Christianity and Catholicism. In one way, Vodun recognizes a single God, named Mawu or Nana Buluku, with many helpers, such as angels. They even have Vodun priests, often decorated and painted with grasses and white paint.

“Vodun is actually similar to another religion called Bò, also called O bò or Juju in Yoruba.” – Joseph Awolalu

Juju is the most widely known name for it, and is often linked to Vodun as another branch involving summoning of spirits and black magic. Juju is not Vodun, although they both have a few of the same Gods and spirits. Some believe that Vodun actually originated from the practice of Juju.

“The demographics of Vodun are very widespread across Africa. About 23% of the population of Benin, some 1 million people, follow Vodun. It has gone as far as Haiti, which has given it the name Haitan Vodou.” – Jung Ran Forte

“Many of the 41.5% of the population that refer to themselves as Christian actually practice Vodun due to its close relation. In fact, the population of Vodun has grown...
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