The Truth about the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant

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The truth about the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant

January 2011

Factsheet of the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project


Power generation




Land requirement


Completion: 1650 MW x 6 = 9900 MW

1. 6 European Pressurized Reactors (EPRs) of 1650 MW each
(India’s installed capacity: 4780 MW). In first phase, 2 reactors will be operated

commissioning of first 2


1. First stage: 1650 MW x 2 = 3,300 MW

2. Total 4 EPRs in world under construction: 2 in China, 1 in Finland (Olkiluoto), 1 in France (Flamanville); none
operational, none proven


938 Ha land in Madban and Jaitapur, of which 938 Ha already
USD 25 billion (Kakodkar’s interview in Sakal (05 Jan 2011))




Fuel supply

25 years by France, this is less than the operating life of the plant, 35 years (AREVA claims it is 60 years)


Type of fuel

Fuel will be 5% enriched uranium oxide or uranium-plutonium

Our estimate @ USD 6.5 million per MW, works out to USD 64.36 billion = Rs. 283,140 Crores (ref needed)


Joint venture

Areva (France) and Nuclear Power Corporation of India
(NPCIL) for EPRs (Areva is Supplier)


Department of Atomic Energy will sign a separate agreement
for supply of nuclear fuel.


Required manpower

6,000 to 8,000 (during construction); i.e. Rs. 35 to 46 Crores/job. At this level of investment, each job is equivalent to a factory. (However, operations needs only 800 highly skilled personnel)


Exclusion zone

1.6 km radius from the centre of reactor


Expected electricity
generation (9,900 MW)


Nuclear waste


Cooling Water

69.4 billion units per annum @ 80% PLF and best assumptions
1. The waste will be buried in cement-concrete based blocks
2. Waste will be under surveillance for 30 years
1. The plant will suck in 5,200 Cr lit. of water every day from the 2

sea & throw it back into sea at a higher (+50C) temperature 14

Affected land owners

1. A critical component in Areva's architecture is "extra-large forgings", is only available in Japan.


Possible objections from
Japan and Australia

2. Japan has consistently demanded India's signature to the
nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), which New Delhi has
3. Australia has recently refused to supply uranium fuel, citing 2


Cost of electricity

Not revealed

The Jaitapur project in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra has been in the public eye in recent months due to a host of controversies that surround the project. These controversies range over the massive size of the project, the potential impact of radio activity on the entire region and it’s eco systems, the untested reactor technologies to be used with particular reference to safety aspects, the international conditionalities imposed on the country for supply of nuclear fuel, the cost of the project and the subsequent cost of electricity generated from the project, the assumption of accident liability by the Government of India, the preliminary grant of environmental clearance to the project without sufficient public dissemination and healthy debate, the involvement of a public sector undertaking in an activity that poses long term health and security risks to citizens of this country, the involvement of foreign political and commercial interests in the pursuit of this project and the lack of institutional accountability from various institutional levels within both central and state governments. As if this list is not sufficiently long to be damning, there is the additional list of activities which have now become common place whenever any large project not perceived to be in the public interest is sought to be bulldozed through the inevitable spread of disinformation at the local level, suppression of the truth, political and bureaucratic obfuscation through the media,...
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