The Truth About Survival

Topics: Evolution, Natural selection, Iliad Pages: 5 (1642 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Jake Nikkila
Mrs. Mehr
English 10
2 Febuary 2013
The Truth About Survival
Many individuals are under the impression Darwin’s theory of evolution is the explanation to survival and the answer to many other questions, and believably so. It is a highly logical theory that only the strong can survive. Believers use examples like the food chain and similar appearances among different species, like humans and the monkey, to justify Darwin’s theory. However, this theory is just that, a theory, and although seemingly logical, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is misleading and invalid and therefore is irrelevant to the ecosystem. Survival is not determined by the “fittest” or “natural selection,” but is instead determined by chance as described in ancient epics, recent novels, and real life instances. Ancient epics specifically demonstrate how survival is only determined by chance. Many of history’s greatest heroes have been slayed, not because they weren’t fit enough, but because they were just not lucky enough to survive. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu was an animal forged by the gods specifically to kill Gilgamesh. Even though he was exceptionally powerful, he dies in the end by sickness. The Illiad, by Homer, also has three exceptionally powerful warriors that all die in happenstance. First, Achilles is considered the greatest warrior of all time. With the royal blood of being a great grandson of Zues himself, son of Theatis the sea goddess, cousin of Ajax the great, and a decendent of Alexander the Great, he has the background to have unparalleled skill and strength in battle (U, Will). Following that, he was trained by Chiron, the teacher of other great demigod hero’s such as Heraclas and Jason. On top of all of that, he was dipped in the river styx to become immortal to all weapons, except for the missed spot on his heel (Stewart). Because of these, Achilles became “the fastest, bravest, largest, most bloodthirsty warrior at Troy . No man could match his fighting skills…” (Stewart). Even though Darwin’s theory states clearly that Achilles should survive due to his skill and near immortality, he instead is killed at his single weak point, his heel. Another powerful hero in The Illiad is the Great Ajax, who earned his title as “According to Homer Ajax joined the expedition of the Greeks against Troy… and was next to Achilles the most distinguished and the bravest among the Greeks” (AJAX). He was a leader of the army who was unrivaled. Yet, even though he was more powerful was “vicious, fearless, strong, powerful, and intelligent”, he lost a duel to the lesser opponent of Odysseus, even though Darwin’s theory states he should have survived. One final example of how Darwin’s theory is refuted in The Illiad is Great Ajax’s partner, Little Ajax. Though his name is deceiving, his value in war was exceptional. He led 40 ships to besiege Troy and was “brave and intrepid, especially skilled in throwing the spear and, next to Achilles, the swiftest of all the Greeks” (Ajax The Lesser). Once again, even though he was favored to survive, his ship crashed in a storm on the way back from Troy and he drowned. In multiple instances of multiple ancient epics, Darwin’s theory of evolution in contradicted repeatedly, demonstrating that survival is not depicted by strength, fitness, or intelligence as generally assumed, but instead is specified by chance alone.
This consistent theme of survival by chance in not only depicted in Ancient Epics, but also in modern day novels and works such as Night, Lord of the Flies, and Life of Pi. In Night, this idea is demonstrated throughout the entire plot of the novel by the actions of the S.S. in killing random Jewish citizens. The Jewish community is not any stronger or weaker or in any way different than the rest of their society minus their faith. Therefore, the Jewish were killed by chance, not by any formula depicting who survives and who does not. Also, those killed among the Jewish in...
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