The Truth About Evil in Myth

Topics: Handedness, Garden of Eden, Evil Pages: 4 (1240 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Brooke Harris
March 15th
Evil and Symbols Essay: The Truth About Evil in Myth
Many questions have been posed when it comes to the ever-controversial topic of evil, and will continue to be posed throughout time. Although prominent in everyday life, the battle between good and evil can also be seen in two of the most famous creation myths; the Christian myth of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, and the Native Creation Story of Turtle Island. In the tale of Adam and Eve, it is said that God banishes the couple for eating from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge, leaving them to deal with hardships all of their lives1. In contrast, the Creation Story is one that tells about the creation of land, with the “mother” giving birth to two twins on the back of the turtle, each twin being a vision of evil and of good, creating the multi-faceted landscape of earth2. Although in both of the myths there are elements of evil, a closer analysis of the symbols and underlying motives and reasoning can conclude that there was no malicious intent in either stories and that they are ultimately not evil but relatively good.

Throughout Kushner’s article and re-telling of the Christian myth of Adam and Eve, he poses the question of whether God was carrying out an evil act in banishing Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He argues that although there are foul acts being carried out, they are not with malicious intent, but with the intent to create a more fulfilling life for the couple3. Kushner continues, explaining that by eating the apple from the Knowledge of Good and Evil tree, Adam and Eve have been elevated to a conscious state helping to be aware of their surroundings and themselves as humans and as a couple4. Kushner believes that this act was the “bravest and most liberating events in the history of the human race” and continuing with saying that although their experiences were full of pain and hardship, it was worth the pain5. Overall, their expulsion...
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