The Truman Show

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  • Published : November 19, 2006
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An interesting character in the film ‘The Truman Show' by Peter Weir was Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey. The film is about a reality TV show which revolves around the life of unaware Truman. His life has been broadcasted to the world ever since his birth. In Truman's world everything is fake except for him. What I find so interesting about the character is the way he reacts to his environment and how he manages to discover what he truly is.

We first see Truman as cheerful and friendly. He is seen greeting his neighbours and socialising with regular by passers. As the film progresses Truman becomes paranoid as he notices strange things happening around him. Such as when a light falls from the sky and how everything happening around him seems to be lifeless. Truman's optimistic personality soon changes to something frustrated and naïve. In one scene, where Truman is talking to his best friend, he shares his thoughts with him. "I'm on to something Marlon. Something big". And what he is on to is the truth.

I find myself often admiring Truman's intelligence, like when he is able to outsmart the viewers and escape from his basement without them knowing. He shows courage in the most frightening of times for example how he survived the storm on the boat nearing the end or even simply just managing to decide to even live under all the paranoia he has to suffer. At the very end when he is spoken to by his creator, rather than psyching out arguing his rights as a human being or free will, he takes it all and is off. Truman shows what true courage is.
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