The Truman Show

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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The Truman Show

An important relationship in The Truman Show was the relationship between Truman himself and his wife Meryl. The contrast in their motives and how they express themselves is really shown throughout the movie in many different scenes and the differences grow as the climax of the movie draws closer. Meryl’s priorities clearly show this as she puts herself first, the cinematography helps to develop the idea that the husband and wife are distanced and when Meryl breaks the ‘fourth wall’ shows the amount of stress that their relationship is under.

From the first moment we (the audience) meet Meryl, right up until the last time, she is completely composed and all of her actions are rehearsed. “There is no difference between a private life and a public life for me.” This shows her dedication to her career as an actress and shows that she simply views Truman as a business deal, he will help to further her career. This shows that their relationship is important as Meryl’s career depends on her convincing Truman that she loves and cares for him. When Truman is having a ‘breakdown’ and kidnaps Meryl in the car, in the midst of her panic and Truman’s accusations, Meryl manages to turn her head to the back of the car where a camera is located and smile at the audience. Therefore this proves to us that Meryl is constantly thinking of camera placement so that the viewers can see her at her best even in the worst situations.

Cinematography is an effective way to get a message across to the audience subtly and is very important in the movie The Truman Show. This can be shown using a conversation between Meryl and Truman to establish the growing distance in their relationship. A symmetrical mid shot of Meryl holding up a packet containing a Chef’s Pal, removes any marital intimacy that was present during the conversation by turning their discussion into a 1950’s postcard or advert instead of a friendly talk between a husband and wife. This then cuts to a...
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