The True Tragedy of Water: Our Relationship with Our Most Precious Resource

Topics: Water, Toilet, Composting toilet Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Sweat is dripping off my face from this hot summer day and as I reach for my cold tea (filled with as many ice cubes as I could fit in) from my lawn chair, I start to think about something very basic. Water. As I hear my sister splash into the inflatable pool that I had to fill up with by turning the garden hose and just leaving it in there, I start to realize that my relationship with water is an utter tragedy. A tragedy of the commons. The definition of the tragedy of the commons is: The use of a depletable resource by many individuals that is used for independent gain, instead of a long term public gain. Or in my definition it’s just simply greed and a disregard for other’s needs. I’m scorched, the sun has been beating down on me all day and I’m thirsty. I’ll use as much water as I want, it’s not gonna affect me in any way! So let’s use a gallon of water to make some tea, let’s use another to make the ice cubes, and then let’s use another two hundred and sixty four gallons of water for the swimming pool! This is the tragedy of which I speak of, how I waste water without care or thought of the consequences but know that I am not alone. Your relationship with water is also a tragedy.

It’s not your fault however, we as a society don’t realize how we waste water invisibly. For example: everyday when I wake up, I look forward to one small simple joy. Drinking a cup of coffee. I learned that little joy takes thirty-six gallons of water to make, produce, package, and ship. Thirty-six gallons of water can fill up to seven water cooler jugs. I have been single handedly wasting thirty-six gallons of water everyday, but so has our restaurants, our biggby’s and starbucks. Just pouring down gallons of water down the drain because of what? We can enjoy our little cup coffee? Because some of us can’t “function” without our thirty-six gallons of wasted water? Are we just selfish or are we just unaware? Either way, it’s tragic. Some of us may not drink coffee as much as I do...
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