The True Story of the ‘This Little Piggy’ Rhyme.

Topics: Pork, Beef, Cattle Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: October 27, 2012
The TRUE Story of the ‘This Little Piggy’ Rhyme.
We have all heard the cute little poem that you do to little kids. You grab their toes and say, “this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home, etc. etc.” but no one knows the TRUE meaning of it. Now here it is.

This little Piggy went to the market. Real name: Porky. He is a spy working for the FBI (Fight the Bacon Institution). He was sent by the head agent, Mr. Hambone. His mission was to go to the market and pick up a package. He didn't know what the package was, or what it looked like. All he had was the code name: MOO.

This little piggy stayed home. Real name: Unknown. As you can probably infer, this piggy was Mr. Hambone, head of the FBI. He sent his top agent, Agent Porky to go pick up a package. It was being dropped off at a public place, the market.

This little piggy had roast beef. Real name: Agent Oinksalot. Sitting at the marketplace, in casual attire, was a pig eating a sandwich. He was wearing a polka-dot tie. Taking a closer look, Porky realized that it was a roast beef sandwich. The code name! It was Moo, like a cow. Roast beef comes from cows! Porky looked at the pig again and saw a letter. That was the package!

This little piggy had none. This pig was an enemy agent, working for Evil Doctor Porkchop. The Package was information about Evil Doctor Porkchop, and the enemy agent was sent to intercept the document. When he got to the meeting spot however, all that was left was an empty sandwich wrapper. A roast beef sandwich wrapper. He had failed to intercept the information, and now the FBI had the file.

This little piggy ran wee, wee, wee, all the way home. This is a questionable part of the story, because it could refer to Porky, Agent Oinksalot, or even the enemy agent, as all of them would have likely wanted to get away fast.

So now, as you recall just how the saying goes, you realize there’s always more to a story than you think. Sometimes you just have to...
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