The True Story About James Bond

Topics: Ian Fleming, James Bond, The Man with the Golden Gun Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The truth about James ‘007’ Bond

James bond has been one of the best loved fictional characters ever invented. The books have sold over 100.000.000 copies and the films have been seen by half the population of the planet. Bonds author Ian Fleming, created the ultimate male fantasy, but how much of James Bond’s world came from Flemings own life? About 90% of what Ian Fleming wrote was based on fact, which is why James Bond is so intriguing, because you will then ask the question. Is this true, are there people going around with a license to kill? In this article I will revile, how much of Ian’s personality is poured into the pages of James Bond. Ian Fleming did have a lot of things that he enjoyed doing, like driving, swimming underwater, skiing, in general Ian Fleming enjoyed danger. Flemings gripping stories would take in his own wartime experience and navy intelligence, but it would also reveal his attitude to woman. I am going to tell you the story about how Ian Fleming created the greatest secret agent the world has ever known and the extraordinary truth behind James Bond. James Bond first came to life on February 17. 1952, his creator Ian Fleming has always wanted to write the spy-story to end all spy-stories, but when he sat down with his typewriter in his Jamaican villa, not even Fleming could have imagined the phenomenal he was about to create. Fleming had not prepared any kind of outline or plot, he simply made it up as he went along. Only 3 hours later he typed out 2000 words and six weeks after that, had he arrived at the last line of his novel. The James Bonds stories would go on to captivate people all over the world. John Pearson, who was working with Fleming at the time, was impressed by the books winning formula. John Pearson was quite sure that Fleming was building on the stories that he had read as a school boy and what Fleming did was to add three things to the stories and what he also was criticized for, was being guilty of sex,...
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