The True Ladies Man: Metrosexualism

Topics: Metrosexual, Homosexuality, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The True Ladies Man
Alexander ------
University of Hartford

Before the 1990s, “metrosexual” was a term that had little meaning to a society. Being metrosexual is a lifestyle; it is simply the act of a man who keeps himself well groomed and manicured, and stays up to date on the latest fashion trends. Before the 1990s, men who were of this lifestyle would be believed to be homosexual, even if their sexual orientation was indeed hetero. I believe the metro-sexual lifestyle is becoming increasingly accepted in today’s society, and will soon change the portrayal of the stereotypical man. Aaron H. Devors article Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender speaks of modes of expression. Metrosexuals modes of expression are most commonly done through their appearance; such as fashion. Devor states “children’s individualistic impulses are shaped into a socially acceptable form both by particular individuals and by a more generalized pressure to conformity exerted by innumerable faceless members of society” (531), this suggests that as society’s acceptance of metrosexuals is increasing, it can be the society’s geographical location that depicts the measure of acceptance for a metro-sexual lifestyle. As a student in Hartford, CT but originally from Long Island, NY I have directly witnessed the different societies acceptance towards metrosexualism. For instance, it is common on Long Island for men of their late teens to keep themselves manicured to the extent of purchasing a waxing service to keep their facial hair in a clean-cut and well-groomed appearance. It is so common that one who does not act in this way is considered appalling and apathetic of their appearance, which would be frowned upon by the opposite sex. In a different geographical society, such like Hartford, it is considered appalling for a heterosexual man to have a waxing service work on their facial hair, or any part of their body. Although, as people migrate from places such...
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