The True Confessions of Charlet Doyle

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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Never is a thirteen year old girl accused of murder and found guilty. But Charlotte Doyle was just that. In the book, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle written by Avi, you will visit the Seahawk (a cargo ship that belongs to her father’s company) along with Charlotte Doyle the “social snob” in the year 1832, on a Trans Atlantic journey .This is a story of Charlotte’s transformation as she figures out who she truly is.

Charlotte was born in the United States but sailed to Great Britain at the age of six to receive the proper education for a person of her class. At the beginning of the story Charlotte is a gentle woman and social snob who considers it improper to mingle with people such as sailors. When a sailor named Zachariah tries to befriend her she tries to leave but is stopped as he gives a dirk for protection. Part of her training taught her to obey and accept authority without question which leads to problems during her journey to the United States.

As the story progresses Charlotte finds herself faced with injustice that she cannot tolerate and must act. Charlotte’s sense of integrity shows as she decides to take on the responsibilities of a sailor on the Seahawk. When she boarded the Seahawk weeks earlier she would never have imagined that she would find herself reefing sails 200 feet up in the rigging. While she was up there she felt truly free for the first time. This new found freedom caused Charlotte to question what she would do when she reached the United States, would she go back to her life of a gentlewoman or would she pursue her new found freedom.

When Charlotte stepped onto the Seahawk she was a rule follower and social snob who had opinions of everyone before she got to know them. Through her journey she realized that the life she had lead up until then had only allowed her to experience...
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