The Traveling Mindset

Topics: New York City, New Jersey, Humid subtropical climate Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: February 14, 2012
Is there any reason or value in reversing the process of habituation? What good would come out of adapting the traveling mindset? Would one gain any knowledge of some sort through venturing places he or she may have never thought of visiting before? Actually, there are positives as well as negatives in adopting a traveling mindset. It is true that one may learn to see the majestic world through a different pair of eyes, but then again, how far drifted would that person become from his or her goals? While a traveling mindset will provide one with a new outlook on life, it also will prove itself inefficient.

What does it mean to possess a habituated mindset? What does being habituated mean? Is it good to be habituated? A habituated mindset is the mentality of doing the same things every day. One would do the same things every day, every week, or so on. One would develop a schedule and follow it with complete dedication. A resident of New York City may possess a habituated mindset by going to work every day, eating, coming home, and doing the same for the rest of the week. This may seem normal for most New Yorkers. Now if a New Jersey resident from Piscataway travels to Manhattan, New York, and happens to bump into a New Yorker on the sidewalk, the New Yorker would keep walking along as if nothing happened while the New Jersey resident would feel insulted. The reason for this would be different mindsets in the two different people.

The New Yorker probably possesses a habituated mindset while the Piscataway resident has a traveling mindset or a neutral mindset. The New Yorker is used to his or her daily schedule. He or she doesn’t notice everything else around themself. This is the primary reason why a traveling mindset would have a positive change on the New York resident. He would walk around his or her city and notice what he or she had not noticed before. The architecture, the history, the city itself, and its beauty would reveal itself. The New Yorker would...
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