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· 爱心工程 Loving Care Project
· 安家费 settling-in allowance
· 安慰奖 consolation prize
· 暗箱操作 black case work
· 按资排辈 to assign priority according to seniority
· 按揭贷款 mortgage loan
· 按揭购房 to buy a house on mortgage; to mortgage a house B
· 把关 guard a pass
· 霸权主义 hegemonism
· 吧台 bar counter
· 把握大局 grasp the overall situation
· 拔河(游戏) tug-of-war
· 摆花架子 a metaphor for presenting an attractive facade but in reality lacking substance · 拜金主义 money worship
· 百年老店 century-old shop
· 白热化 be white-hot
· 摆脱贫困 shake off poverty; lift oneself from poverty · 拜把兄弟 sworn brothers
· 摆架子 put on airs
· 白马王子 Prince Charming
· 拜年 pay New Year call
· 摆谱儿 put on airs; show off; keep up appearances
· 班车 shuttle bus
· 半拉子工程 uncompleted project
· 板楼,板式楼 slab-type apartment building
· 斑马线 zebra stripes
· 班门弄斧 teach one's grandma to suck eggs
· 搬迁户 a relocated unit or household
· 半脱产 a partial sabbatical from work
· 帮倒忙 trying to help but causing more trouble in the process · 傍大款 (of a girl) find a sugar daddy; be a mistress for a rich man; lean on a moneybags · 包产到户 fixing of farm output quotas for each household; production contracted to each household · 包产到户 fixing of farm output quotas for each household; production contracted to each household · 包车 to charter a vehicle (bus, train car, etc.); a chartered vehicle · 保持国民经济发展的良好势头 maintain a good momentum of growth in the national economy · 保兑银行 confirming bank

· 暴发户 new rich; upstart (persons or households who suddenly became rich through unscrupulous means or unexpected opportunities) · 曝光 make public; expose
· 保护伞 protective umbrella
· 保健按摩 therapeutic massage
· 保健品 health care products
· 爆冷门 produce an unexpected winner; a dark horse bobbing up · 暴力片 splatter film
· 背投屏幕 rear projection screen
· 被摘牌的公司 delisted company
· 本命年 one's year of birth considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches · 奔小康 strive for a relatively comfortable life
· 本本主义 bookishness
· 蹦迪 disco dancing
· 蹦极 bungee, bungee jumping
· 闭关政策 closed-door policy
· 闭门羹 given cold-shoulder
· 比上不足,比下有余 "worse off than some, better off than many; to fall short of the best, but be better than the worst" · 逼上梁山 be driven to drastic alternatives
· 变相涨价 disguised inflation
· 边远贫困地区 outlying poverty-stricken areas
· 边缘知识人 Marginal intellectuals
· 贬值 devalue, devaluate, depreciate (of a currency)
· 表面文章 lip service; surface formality
· 表演赛 demonstration match
· 并网发电 combined to the grid
· 伯乐 a good judge of talent (a name of a legendary person in the state of Qin during the Spring and Autumn Period who excelled in evaluating horses) · 剥离不良资产 strip bad assets off
· 薄利多销 small profit, large sale volume
· 博彩(业) lottery industry
· 剥夺冠军 strip the gold medal of somebody
· 薄利多销 small profits but quick returns; small profits and good sales · BP 机 beeper, pager
· B to B (B2B) business to business
· B to C (B2C) business to consumer
· 不打不成交 "No discord, no concord. "
· 不到长城非好汉 He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man. · 不分上下的总统选举结果 the neck-and-neck presidential election result · 不感冒 have no interest
· 不管部部长 minister without portfolio
· 不良贷款 non-performing loan
· 不买帐 not take it; not go for it
· 步行街 pedestrian street
· 步行天桥 pedestrian overpass
· 不以物喜,不以己悲 not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personnal losses · 不正之风 bad (harmful) practice; unhealthy tendency
· 擦边球 "edge ball, touch ball"
· 菜篮子工程 shopping basket program
· 菜鸟,新手 green hand
· 采取高姿态 show magnanimity
· 财务报表 financial statement
· 参拜靖国神社 visit to the Yasukuni war shrine
· 参政、议政 participate in the management of State affairs · 仓储式超市 stockroom-style supermarket
· 层层转包和违法分保 multi-level contracting and illegal sub-contracting · 茶道 sado
· 差额选举 competitive election
· 查房 make/go the rounds of the wards
· 拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul
· 拆迁户 households or units relocated due to building demolition · 禅 dhyana
· 产粮大省 granary province...
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