The Translation of Chinese Cuisine Under the Guidance of Skopostheorie

Topics: Translation, Literal translation, Terminology Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: May 21, 2011
4.1 Introduction

With the economic development, Guangzhou is becoming a prosperous city attracting people from other countries. Especially after Guangzhou won the bid for 2010 Asian Games, the government endeavors to create a good image. However, many classic Cantonese cuisines haven’t had English versions or the present translation is really bad and that makes foreigners confuse about the food they order in the restaurants. So this thesis is going to analyze the present situation of Cantonese cuisine translation under the guidance of skopostheorie and its extensions.

4.2 A General Analysis of the Translation of the Cantonese Cuisine from the Perspective of the Translation Brief

Translation is normally done by assignment. A client needs a text for a particular purpose and calls the translator for a translation, thus acting as the initiator of the translation process. But the Skopos is located in neither the ST nor the TT. It is negotiated between the client and the translator, with reference to both the ST and the receiving audience(Gentzler 2007:73)

The translation brief ought to involve the following information in both texts. the intended text functions;
the addressees/recipients;
the time and the place of the text reception
the medium(speech and writing);
the motive(why the ST was written and why it is being translated). (Munday 2001:82)
Bearing these in mind, the translator knows better what strategies to take in the translation. Thus the translation brief of Cantonese cuisine can be concluded as follows: 1.the intended text function is referential.

2.the addressees are the foreign customers
3.the time and the place is dinner time and the restaurant.
4.the medium is the menu
5.the motive is to introduce to the foreigners the cuisine and persuade them to order the food
The above five translation brief elements tell clearly what the translation of Cantonese cuisine is and imply what the translator...
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