The Transformation of Oskar Schlinder from a Shrewd Businessman to a Savior

Topics: Schindler's List, Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, Amon Göth Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Poop vs. Poop

y of sufferings among the characters, both the oppressors and the victims. The encounter of such conflict and cooperation is symbolized by Oskar Schindler, a blackmarketer who saw the war as a source of money and Amon Goeth, the barbarous camp commander who massacred thousands of Jews. Conflictual on the perspective of the primary character, Oskar Schindler vis-a-vis his capitalistic tendency to see an opportunity in war, and later on, how the brute reality of war transformed this business acumened prospective into a heart-rendering realization of his of the value of people as people, as an end, and not as a means. This struggle of Schindler corresponds to the struggle of Amon Goeth , although not in the sense of the project of Schindler, but to his own project of trying to understand the attaching emotional make-up of Schindler, as a man, and as a German, in relation to the Jews and his inability to understand his own emotions face-to-face with Schindler’s open display and acceptance of his hated enemy, the Jews. Furthermore, Goeth struggle over his inner emotional conflict towards the Jews that culminated into a display of abrupt compassion, though short lived, that ended in his shooting of the boy and his manhandling of Lena, highlighted an image of a confused man of his own power and emotions. On the other hand, however, both Schindler and Goeth are guilty of collaborating with one another into the heightening of the sufferings of the Jews. For one, the compassion of Schindler towards the Jews is cruelty for Goeth, vice-versa. In fact, both are intrinsically influencing and reinforcing one another, whether explicitly or impliedly.

In our society today, there are peo
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