The Tragic Fall of a Roman

Topics: Roman Republic, Augustus, Julius Caesar Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: April 28, 2013
A man’s greatest strength can often prove to be his most fatal flaw. A tragic hero is the character in a tragedy whose fall is brought about by error in judgment, frailty in character, and one distinct flaw. A tragic hero is often committed to principles of his own; very much like Brutus. The tragic hero is usually the most important figure in the story much like Brutus is in Julius Caesar. In Julius Caesar, Brutus shows his strengths and weaknesses as a pivotal character in the play; but as the play progresses, it becomes more evident that Brutus is in fact the tragic hero of the play. Brutus deserves the title of tragic hero because of his dignified personality. Throughout the play, he does not deceive anyone. Although he did murder Julius Caesar, it was for the good of Rome, not to betray Caesar and take over. All the actions he committed, and the statements he made were for the good of Rome or for the good of someone else. Even though he killed Antony’s best friend, Antony still recognized Brutus as “The noblest Roman of them all.” He does this in (V, v) after Brutus’ death because Brutus is the only one of the conspirators that killed Caesar for the good of Rome and not because of jealousy. He cared more about others than he did himself. For instance, in the process of killing Caesar, he could have easily backed out because he knew he might have been punished, but he knew in the long run, that it would help the Plebeians most. Another example of his selflessness is in (II, ii.) Brutus decides not to tell Portia his plans for the murder of Caesar. He feels she already has enough stress in her life and does not need to worry or stress over his plans. Brutus frequently demonstrated acts of affection toward others. In (I,i), he is reluctant to join Cassius’s conspiracy because he did not want to betray Caesar. He had to weigh his choices and in (IIV, ii) Brutus kills Caesar only because he is afraid of what will happen to Rome if Caesar remains ruler. He...
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