The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Diary Entry 1

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Today was the feast of Lupercal (pg. 824). Caesar had returned to Rome. We talked about his victory over Pompey. Secretly, I wished Pompey had won the battle, but I was glad to see my friend Caesar. As we were walking, along with some others, through the public place, a soothsayer called out and said, “Caesar! Beware the ides of March (pg. 825-826).” If I were Caesar, I would have take heed of this warning, for this soothsayer does not appear to be a dreamer (pg. 826). While Caesar and the others left to go and start the race, Cassius stayed with me (pg. 827). He asked me if I would go see the race with him. I replied, “Not I.” I told him that I do not have a liking for sports and that I’ll leave so he can watch the race. As I was about to leave, Cassius wanted to chat with me some more. He noticed I seemed less good-natured and affectionate towards him than usual. I told him that I was not content with myself (pg.826-827). I soon hear a flourish of trumpets and shouting coming from the people far away (pg. 827). I told Cassius, “I do fear the people choose Caesar for their king.” Cassius later tells me about a time he saved Caesar from drowning. I began to wonder why Cassius was still talking with me. I thought that he would want to watch the race. But then, I heard another flourish from the trumpets and shouts from the people. He talked to me about how Caesar and I are not so different. I was being a bit skeptical about this, but Caesar came back with the others. We talked to Casca about the three shouts we had heard. Apparently, Caesar had refused the crown three times from Antony. On the third time, he fell down due to his epilepsy (pg. 831). When Casca was gone, I told Cassius that if he wanted to talk to me some more, I would either go to his house, or he will come to mine. I left him, but after that talk we had, it seems like I cannot relax or sleep nowadays.
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