The Total Chain of Export Financing of NCC Bank Limited

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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The Total Chain of Export Financing of NCC Bank
Submitted To:
Mr. Nayeem Abdullah
Independent University, Bangladesh

Submitted By:
Syeda Fahmida Rahman
ID: 0921003

Submission Date: December 10, 2012

Independent University, Bangladesh


The Total Chain of Export Financing of NCC Bank Limited

Letter of Transmittal

December 10, 2012
Mr. Nayeem Abdullah
School of Business
Independent University, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of Internship Report
Dear Sir,
It is a pleasure to be able to hand over the report of my internship program on “The Total Chain Of Export Financing Of NCC Bank Limited”. The internship program has provided me the opportunity to work with the employees of the different Banking department in NCC Bank Limited which gave me valuable insights to the professional life in an organization. While preparing this report, I came to know about different aspects of foreign trade operations.

I, therefore, convey my thanks to you for your kind cooperation, supervision and advice in conducting and preparing this report. I have completed the whole program with great enthusiasm. I hope you will find this report worth reading although I was not able to accumulate all types of information due to time constraint and other limitations. If you need any clarification, I will be obliged to provide further clarification.

Yours sincerely,
Syeda Fahmida Rahman
ID# 0921003


The Total Chain of Export Financing of NCC Bank Limited


The study has been successfully accomplished along with considerate support and continuous guidance of few people. This is the utmost pleasure of mine to show heartfelt gratitude towards those individuals.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratefulness our respected instructor Mr. Nyeem Abdullah, for his support in every area of this research. He is the person of my inspiration to give best effort in this study. He was always there as an advisor, monitor and supervisor. Without his cooperation it would not have been possible to accomplish the research.

My thankfulness also goes to the personnel of NCC Bank Limited, especially to the manager of the branch, Mr.Mohd. Mujibul Quader, for his continuous and cordial support during my internship. I would like to show my gratitude towards some of my friends who gave their selfless effort to conduct the research.

Finally, I thank my organization, Independent University Bangladesh and my mentors for giving me the opportunity of self development through practical experience.


The Total Chain of Export Financing of NCC Bank Limited

Executive Summary

The internship is designed to bridge the gulf between the theoretical knowledge & real life. It is designed to have a practical experience while passing through the theoretical understanding. The report is a combination of around three month’s internship program that mainly focuses foreign trade operation and it risks of National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd. It is one of the fast growing, leading bank in the private banking sector, having a wide experience in domestic and international banking. The bank has already occupied a challenging position among its competitors after achieving success in all areas of banking operation.

This report is obtained seven chapters. In the first chapter I discussed the origin of my report. I also explained the objective of my study, the scope of my report and the methodology regarding this report. Both primary and secondary data and information have been used in preparing this report. Like all study, this report has also certain limitations which were in some cases unavoidable. The second chapter is about the previous works on this topic which had done by many researchers. In the third chapter I tried to highlight the organization and tried to mention the mission and vision of this bank. The performance of last 5...
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