The Tortilla Curtain Themes

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Hunger Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Homeless is always around us; it can be the need of a place where to live or what makes a home. (Sometimes we are homeless like in the story; Candido and America are homeless because they don’t have place where to live and Delaney and Kyra have a house where to live but they don’t have what makes the home, Kyra works all they and she is not even home and only Delaney and Jordan are home) Discrimination can not only be based on racial issues it can also be based on gender discrimination. (Candido treats America based on her gender and the culture they have, he believes that because he is the man he is the one that supposed to work and not America. He discriminates her because she is a woman and doesn’t let her be outgoing) Huger can not only be a necessity of food; it can also be the necessity of love (Candido and America have love and affection but they have hunger of food, in the other hand Jordan has everything to eat but he has the hunger of love and affection. Jordan doesn’t have the love of her mother since she is always working for him to have something to eat.) Justice it’s not only about laws, it’s also about moral rights (When Delaney hits Candido he only gives him twenty dollars and doesn’t give him medical help that as a human he must get after an accident)
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