The Tom Robinson trial in To Kill a Mockingbird parallels The Scottsboro trials

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  • Published : December 17, 2011
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English 9 GT
12 December 2011

Thesis Statement: The Tom Robinson trial in To Kill a Mockingbird parallels the Scottsboro trials through similar events, verdicts, and testimonies.

I. Scottsboro Trials
A. Timeline Events
1. April 6th 1931- the trial of nine men begin.
2. April 9th 1933- Haywood Patterson was again found guilty for rape.
3. April 9th 1933- Patterson found guilty and sentenced to death.
4. 1940s- all but 1 escape or are paroled.
5. June 9th 1950- the last Scottsboro boy is released from prison.

B. Testimony
1. Victoria Price and Ruby Bates claimed that the 9 men from
from Scottsboro allegedly attacked them on a train heading to Memphis.
2. Only hours after the attack Dr. R.R Bridges examined the girls and saw there were no Cuts, or Bruises, he reported the girls were under no stress and were calm. C. Verdict- nine young black men were arrested and found guilty of raping two white women on train in Alabama.

II. Tom Robinson Trial
A. Verdict- Tom Robinson was found guilty for raping Mayella Ewell

B. Testimony
1. Mayella Ewell claimed that Tom Robinson raped her, after she
asked him to work on furniture in the Ewells home.
2. Tom Robinson claimed that he did fix furniture for Mayella, but packed up and left after he finished working.
C. Parallels
1. The Tom Robinson case, and the Scottsboro case are extremely
similar because in each case it has been obvious that the court system has been discriminative against blacks and chose the unjust way to solve a court case.
2. Both cases are also about African Americans raping whites.
3. Both cases, had white lawyers defending blacks
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