The Title a Rose for Emily

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The title “A Rose for Emily” could have many interpretations. One interpretation could be that Homer was her rose. Throughout her life she had been robbed of a one true love, so she held onto her rose, thorn and all. Another interpretation could refer to the mention of “rose coloured glasses”. The title could be referring to the method of looking at the world with a narrow mind. And lastly the title could be representing the author himself saluting Emily in her plight. Emily went through a lot, and was denied many normality’s that others experience in life. Faulkner himself could be giving this rose to Emily as a fitting gift of pity. Emily means rival. This could possibly represent the inner struggle within; including her destructive habits. Her worst enemy was in fact herself. This could also relate back to the rivalry between north and south. Homer means hostage (for obvious reasons). Homer Barron together could represent the fact that he was enticing on the outside but had nothing to offer to anyone inside (Barren). In William Faulkner's short story "A Rose for Emily," many events lead up to certain themes. The method to understand the theme is through symbolism. "A Rose for Emily's" dominant theme is that of relational interdependence and its effects on those in it. The relationship between Emily and her father was one of dominance, and left Emily with an instinctual human need which can be met adversely in equivocal environments. Her father’s death marked the initial crumbling of her worldview. In an act to break free of her father, she cut her hair short (an act of rebellion). The reader can see the constant fight of Emily to be free and live a normal life. Ultimately the story portrays the struggle of a tortured woman to find love and acceptance. First off, Miss Emily never had a normal or peaceful adolescence. Her father neglected her and restricted her experiences of joy and independence. She was so...
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