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This lab was helpful in showing us how enzyme catalysis really happens in biology. These series of experiments have proven what the optimal conditions and which are not conducive to the functioning of Peroxidase. Table 7.1 was the trial experiment and was performed to observe the overall activity of the enzyme Peroxidase. Each of the three tube mixtures were filled with different concentrations of Peroxidase. As seen on the chart the mixture of tube six and seven had the fastest absorption rate because it had a higher concentration of Peroxidase. As was expected, the mixture of tubes two and three proved to have the slowest absorption due to their lower concentration of the Peroxidase enzyme. The data in table 7.4 was a representation of the Peroxidase in a solution, which introduced inhibitors to the enzyme. This solution ceased all function of the enzyme due to the inability of the substrate to bind at the active site of the Peroxidase enzyme. In this case the enzyme showed no absorption which are represented on the tables and graphs

Through these different experiments, it is clear as to what conditions are optimal, and which are detrimental to Peroxidase function. The enzyme functioned optimally at a pH of 5 and at temperature of 32C. Enzymes are biological molecules that act as catalysts in the body. They are proteins in nature and therefore contain amino acids. They are specific and only activates when bound with a certain substrate, which are also molecules at the active site. Too high or too low pH and temperatures either denatures or extremely slow down the enzyme activity. This lab has proven that enzyme activity is very particular and in order for them to work at their best, they must be in the proper environment.


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