Gilded age jigsaw questions

Currency Reform

1. Review: What was the Specie Circular? How has the issue of currency/money reform been an issue before this time?

2. What caused the rise of the “money issue” in American politics in the Gilded Age?

3. What kinds of people supported the expanded use of “greenbacks”? Why?

4. What kinds of people opposed the expanded use of “greenbacks”? Why?

5. Explain why the coinage of silver became an issue and what, if anything, coinage of silver achieved.

Party Politics

1. Review: What groups had made up the Republican and Democratic parties before the Civil War?

2. What made politics of this time period so popular – with over 80 percent voter participation?

3. Which groups supported the Republicans? Which supported the Democrats?

4. What major issues separated the two parties during this period?

5. How and why did Reconstruction come to an end?

The Budget and the Tariff

1. Review: Why had the tariffs of 1816 and 1828-32 been so controversial? What happened to tariffs during the Civil War?

2. Describe the campaign that got Grover Cleveland elected.

3. What was Cleveland trying to achieve by pursuing a lower tariff?

4. How did the “Billion Dollar Congress” handle the budget?

5. What were the results of the McKinley Tariff?

Civil Service Reform

1. Review: What was the Spoils System and why was it controversial?

2. Why did Grant’s administration lead some leaders to support civil service reform?

3. How did the issue of Civil Service reform affect the Republican party?

4. What eventually led to the passage of the Pendleton Act?

5. What was the effect, both short and long-term, of the Pendleton Act?

Populism (You will have to draw on Chapter 26 for much of this)

1. What elements led to significant discontent among western farmers in this period?

2. How did the Grangers and the Farmers’ Alliance influence the development of...
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