The Tippling Bros.: Nationally Recognized Beverage Consultancy Firm

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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The Tippling Bros. are a nationally recognized beverage consultancy firm based in New York City, that combines the experience, expertise and creative genius of Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay. With their joint experience of over 40 years working in both on and off premise arenas, the Tipplers strive to execute a singular mission in their pursuits; to help the world drink better. The Tipping Bros. have established themselves as leaders in the beverage industry by continually embracing, advancing and redefining the art of raising the bar behind the bar. They have a consistent track record of success in establishing a diversity of concepts, providing independent consultation and strengthening brand equity for globally recognized brands.

The Tippling Bros.' clients consistently see themselves awarded an expanded growth share of their market segment by broadening consumers' appeal across demographics. Clients' expanded growth share is directly correlated to The Tippling Bros. focus on innovation. This innovation manifests itself in the form of increasing operational efficiency, conceptualizing cutting edge design solutions and developing product diversification for their clients.

Currently, The Tippling Bros. are striving to offer clients a unique, customized and increasingly profitable beverage program solution through the product innovation of a new system of cocktail creation and delivery. This cutting edge product innovation focuses itself around the production and delivery of "Kegged Cocktails". Tippling Bros.' "Kegged Cocktails" provide clients the opportunity to offer customized, unique, freshly crafted cocktails with a premium value added experience to their customers. The "Kegged Cocktail' combines the idea that cocktails should feature fresh, all-natural premium ingredients delivered in a consistent and cost efficient manner. "Kegged Cocktails" can be customized in regards to both local market trends and clients specifications related to their individual consumers preferences. OBJECTIVE

. The restaurant recession appears to be over and patrons are starting to venture out from their homes to visit restaurants and bars once again. Over the past few years, operators have ramped up their beverage programs in order to draw consumers back. On-premise establishments are using a variety of strategies, such as offering market cocktails, ingredients, and flavors to innovative pricing and promotions. Unfortunately, the consumer demands for these offerings has not grown proportionally with the level of skill of the majority of bartenders. That's where the Tippling Bros.' "Kegged Cocktails" come in. The objective of this report intends to detail the latest trends and factors impacting what and where people drink, including: * Types of drink that are “must haves” on every drink list and where there are gaps. * Examples of how operators are implementing the latest cocktail trends successfully. * What beverage promotions are being implemented and where there are additional opportunities. * The demographics that are most likely to spend money and what they are most likely to spend it on. INTRODUCTION

The Tippling Bros.' "Kegged Cocktails" are an innovate approach to producing and delivery unique, freshly crafted cocktails to clients and consumers alike in mass quantities. The ''Kegged Cocktail" provides the opportunity for clients to provide craft cocktails that are cost effective and have flavor consistency. The Tippling Bros.' "Kegged Cocktails" have the potential to be vastly applicable in on-premise settings. The on-premise setting's focus is to offer fresh, all-natural drinks with a premium value added experience ordered a la carte in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and fresh market settings such as Whole Foods. This will require exploring the marketing mix, uncontrolled variables and buyer behavior through market research. "MUST HAVE" DRINKS

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