The Time I got Stitches

Topics: Rubbing, Skin, Hand Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Random personal narrative

When I was 6 years old .I needed a few stitches. I went outside which I normally didn’t do. Except that day was a rare occasion. I saw my onyx colored dog outside wagging her tail happily. I loved my dog, shadow. The sun was setting so she was now fading into my backyard. So all I saw was a few flashes that were her eyes. I pet her when I got outside. She licked my hand happily. She ran around our small backyard with extreme speed .I watched her, amused. I ran after her but my little 6 year-old legs would only carry me so fast. Then she ran in front of me .I tried to stop from running into her .As I backed away I tripped over nothing slamming my chin on the concrete. I got up and shook it off. My head didn’t hurt surprisingly. I told shadow goodnight and went inside. My mom was at the stove like always. She was either cooking or cleaning the kitchen. She heard me close the door and turned around. She looked at me Horror Stricken. She yelled my dad’s name. My dad slid in. I stare at him wondering why they were freaking out so much. My dad told my mom to calm down or she would make me get freaked out. They showed me to the bathroom. Areanna came in with her stuffed lion. She was quietly peering at my chin ever so curiously .Then said “Here Alana.” handing me her stuffed lion. I held the small beige colored thing for a while then handed it back. I told her I don’t want to get it bloody. She nods. I looked at my chin in the mirror. My chin was bloody and all gashed. It looked like it should have hurt but it didn’t, not one bit. I must have blacked out because the next thing I know is that I am suddenly in a car with a rag under my bloody chin. As we entered the emergency room A few nurses told me to sit down. They took me to a different room, a smaller one. They told me the doctor would be here soon. I lied down on a bed like thing. It was very uncomfortable. There was a TV in the upper right corner of the room. I saw that power puff...
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