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S.P.I.C.E poetry

Tell me , is the rose naked ?
Tell me, Is the Rose Naked?
Stanza 1: The first stanza is about the thought of rose’s petals, which are known for their beauty. Like a beautiful red dress is like the outside of a rose, and on the inside is the real rose. Stanza 2: The author is wondering and questioning why the tree roots are hidden below the soil, and why we cannot see the most important part of the tree, the part that holds it to the ground and gives it life and growth. Stanza 3: This analogy is referring to how do you feel any sort of regret when doing something you will regret. Stanza 4: This stanza is talking about how sad it is for a train to be stuck in the middle of no where, its like a lost puppy sitting in the cold rain waiting for its owner. Like the train waiting for its driver The imagery the author uses paints many images in your head having you to over think of what is actually happening. It begins as happy, beautiful images and becomes more dark and sad. All of the images are slowly flowing smoothly throughout the stanzas , bringing together the idea of a woman leaving a man.

This poem connects to some relations ships in real life. It states that many relations ships can come to an end, by losing someone, breakups, or even by death. Interpret:
The poet uses personification to give a rose clothing, give trees the decision to hide away their roots or not and a car stealing people away instead of the people leaving in the car. The author also uses imagery, to make us see what the point of view is.

Comment -
The thematic statements present heartbreak, loneliness, being left alone, hiding away from true feelings, having the feeling of having no one to go to.

Essential questions-
Why do people base their happiness on one person if their happiness isn't guaranteed ?

Title: I predict the poem will have to do with poetry, meaning behind it and information of the...
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