The Tiger's Wife: The Theme of Responsibility

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  • Topic: Family, Individual responsibility, Death
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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Aia Shalan
When a couple decides to have a child, they understand that making this decision requires a lot of dedication and responsibility. Responsibility becomes the most important task for anyone, not only a certain couple, who seeks to achieve anything in life. Whether your responsibility comes in the form of taking care of a child, carrying out a duty at work, or even doing well in school, they all come from a motivation within us. In the book, The Tiger’s Wife, Obreht portrays the theme of responsibility through different narrative lines, and folklores. Natalie, the protagonist of the book and also the narrator, goes on a journey to discover the mysterious death of her grandfather, and through this journey we learn of the different responsibilities that Tea tries to illustrate to the reader, the responsibility we owe to the dead. Natalie’s grandfather, Dr. Leandro, had a strong relationship with his granddaughter. The most things that Natalie saw that he enjoys are observing tigers and going to the zoo. When her grandfather suddenly left town to the village of Zdrevkov, Natalie and her grandmother suddenly receive news that he has passed away. Knowing that her grandfather is now dead, Natalie has made it an obligation and responsibility on her behalf to unravel the mystery of her grandfather’s death. With the use of three narrative lines, Obreht helps the reader understand a little about the grandfather’s childhood, obsession with tigers and the different myths and folklores he once told Natalie. Starting with the deathless man, Natalie’s grandfather tells her the story of how he met the man who is immortal due to a curse his uncle, death, leashed upon him. When he finally tells Natalie of the deal made between them, Natalie believes that the “deathless man” is responsible for her grandfather’s death. Trying to cure diseases of children while looking for the deathless man, lead Natalie to the graveyard where she thinks she would fine him. After seeing...
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