The Tiger and the Snow: Movie Analysis

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  • Published : January 30, 2012
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In society today movies are just something people watch for enjoyment but they never take a second and look at the real message behind the movie. Each movie has a different message and anyone can find it. If you fully analyze a film you can learn so much and see how much went in to making the film from the filming to the color and lighting and most importantly editing. As we move into the future and the technology advances I hope that people will look at movies as more than just something to do on a Saturday night and turn it into a learning experience that will last forever. In the filmmaking world there is always that someone that gets looked over and forgotten and that is the person behind the film known as the director. Directors are brilliant people who jobs are to create a film that people will enjoy while putting a meaning behind it. Roberto Benigni is an amazing director who not only directs his movies but writes and stars in them as well. Benigni has created masterpieces such as Life is Beautiful, Pinocchio and his most recent film The Tiger and the Snow, which have brought him such awards as an Oscar for Life is beautiful. Along with being a director Benigni prides himself on being a family man which is why his wife Nicoletta Braschi plays his love interest in most of his movies. Overall Benigni is a great director who blends comedy and romance in most of his movies. His movies might be a little out there but that’s just who Roberto Benigni is and I can’t wait to see his next film. “The Tiger and The Snow” was produced in 2005, written, directed, and starred in by Roberto Benigini; it was also co-written by Vincenzo Cerami. “The Tiger and The Snow” is a movie that focuses its themes on love, and war. This film had 3 awards won and 4 nominations. It won an award for best foreign romance trailer, best original story, and music. It was nominated for best actor, sound, music, and visual effects. In this paper you will learn about the Story, elements, theme, values and what critics think about “The Tiger and The Snow.” This paper will tell you the story of Attilio and how he proves that love is far greater then war, and it will show you how much help that countries like Iraq need and the lack of help that they are getting from our military’s aid and how innocent people are hurt during this war. The film is set in Rome with the main character Attilio de Giovanni played by Roberto Benigni, a comical but talented literature professor and the divorced father of two teenage girls, is hopelessly in love with Vittoria played by Nicoletta Braschi, Benigni's wife in real life, a writer who is the subject of a recurring dream, featuring a surreal wedding ceremony with poetry verses in the background. Attilio's strenuous courtship is unsuccessful, yet he does not lose hope, despite the fact that Vittoria obviously does not share the same feelings. Vittoria leaves to go to Iraq to write the biography of the poet Fuad, a close friend of Attilio who is returning to his country after 18 years in exile in France. Vittoria is wounded during the Iraq War and Attilio manages to reach Baghdad with the intention of saving her life. He finds Vittoria in an Iraqi hospital lying in a coma; like thousands of Iraqis, she is in danger of dying from lack of medicine. Fuad directs Attilio to an old Iraqi pharmacist, who suggests ancient treatments that keep her alive. Attilio locates scuba gear to provide oxygen and even "a weapon of mass destruction" a flyswatter. Attilio then runs the risk of going to the Italian Red Cross HQ in Iraq, obtains medical supplies by posing as a doctor, and then brings medicines back to Baghdad. The medical supplies enable Vittoria to make a complete recovery, but when Attilio goes to Fuad's house to tell him about this triumph over adversity, he finds that Fuad has hanged himself. Fuad had earlier had a short soliloquy on how "his eyes no longer...", but Attilio had not picked up on because he was...
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