The Three Symbols Foundin the Novel and Then There Were None

Topics: Symbol, Storm, Symbolism Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Identify and discuss at least three symbols in this novel. Explain what they symbolize and how they were important to the plot.
In the novel, And Then There Were None there were three important symbols. The three symbols are the storm, the mark on Judge Wargrave’s forehead, and food. The storm symbolized the violence that was happening on Indian Island. The mark on Judge Wargrave’s forehead symbolizes how he is linked to Cain from the Bible, the first murderer. Food symbolizes what people need to survive.

The storm was an important symbol in the novel. During most of the novel, a horrible storm cuts off the island from the mainland so the guests cannot contact anyone. It also allows the murderer a free chance to control his actions without being revealed. The significance of the storm in relation to the plot shows the violence occurring on Indian Island. Storms create much destruction just as the murderer destroys lives. This is stated in chapter nine that,“The storm breaks just as the old man’s body was borne in through the door.” “General MacArthur-” “Dead!”, Vera burst out in a loud cry.

The mark on Judge Wargrave’s forehead symbolizes him duplicating the mark that God placed on the forehead of Cain, the first murderer in the Bible. He states in his letter, “The third is symbolical. The manner of my death marking me on the forehead. The brand of Cain.” Cain was an evil man. The first wound on Wargrave’s forehead was fake. However after everyone else died, he shot himself in the forehead leaving a mark. Wargrave considers himself an evil man and murderer just like Cain. This is explained in Wargrave’s letter. He says, “From an early age I knew very strongly the lust to kill.”

The symbolization of food represents survival. Without food, a person cannot survive for very long. However the events on the island show a different approach to food in the disappearance of civilization. When the guest arrive on the island they are treated to a fancy dinner....
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