The Three States of Matter

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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The three states of matter

By Leslie Sanchez
Introduction :

In the world that we all live on there is three states of matter. These three states of matter are known as solid, liquid and gas. Gases, liquids, and especially solids surround us and give form to out world. These three states of matter have different characteristics that can and cannot be easily defined.

Solids :

The state of matter that is mostly known and seen would be a solid. A solid has a shape, mass, and volume that can be identified. The way that you can identify the volume of a regular solid is by multiplying length x width x height. But since there is also irregular solids there’s another way to find the volume. This way that is used to measure the volume of an irregular solid is by using a graduated cylinder. By using a graduated cylinder you would fill it up with water and take the measurement. Then you would put the irregular solid in the water. After that you would take the measurement .what you would then do is to subtract the 2nd measurement by the 1st and you would get the volume for the irregular solid.
The atoms that a solid contains in then are similar to the atoms that a liquid has. The atoms that they both have are considered similar but with differences. The difference between them is that a solids atoms are tightly packed and hold a solid in the definite shape that they have without changing

Liquids :

Another important state of matter
Is a liquid. You cannot identify the shape of a liquid but something that you can identify is its mass and volume. The way that you can identify the volume of a liquid is by using a graduated cylinder. What you do is that you’ll put the water in the graduated cylinder and then you’ll just take the measurement.

A liquid also has atoms that are similar to a solids...
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