The Three Problems in the 2000 Presidential Election

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Three Problems in the 2000 Presidential Election

One of the problems that occurred during the 2000 presidential election was how the news stations called the state of Florida for Al Gore, while there are two time zones in the state. On the western side, the people still had one whole hour to cast their ballots. Also, there was still 12 minutes left on the Eastern side. This caused much confusion, and people did not know who to believe. A survey estimated that 15,000 people did not vote, because of this. That is serious, and could have been easily prevented by waiting another hour and twelve minutes.

Another problem that happened during the election was that Florida’s recount was headed by the Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris. This would not have been that big of a deal, but she held the position of being President Bush’s state campaign co-chairwoman. She also had a pretty bad behavior during all of this, which caused suspicion. The suspicion was especially raised when she was convincing Palm Beach County’s voting board to do a manual recount. To make matters even worse, she also housed some of the Republican Party advisors. Had she done what she was professional, there might not have been as many issues with Florida’s recount.

One last issue that was due to the 2000 election was that there were 57,746 people that were felons on the “scrub list”-which means they were not allowed to vote. Some of those people though were incorrectly listed. Some people’s felons were similar to bigger ones, and some were even dated after the year 2000. With all the confusion and it being hard to tell who really was allowed at the polls, some of the people could not be contacted, and therefore did not vote.
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