The Three Passions of My Life

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Three passions have governed my life: love of family, love of sports, and the desire for education.

My daughters inspire me, from the softball fields to the class room. These passions, like the beat of my

heart, never ends.

The love of my family id the greatest passion I have. My two daughters Rebecca and Cloe,

brings such joy to my life. Rebecca Hope was my first daughter, born August 24, 2000. She gave me love

and an inner feeling I had never felt. Through all the pain and the tears, I still fell head over heels in love

with her. Never would I have thought I could experience that feeling again. Then on July 7, 2009, a little

six pound, black-haired, dimpled faced, little girl was born; Cloe Grace. The rush again was out of this

world. Different from the first, but all the same in a weird kind of way. Both Rebecca and Cloe makes my

heart skip a beat every time the say mommy. God has truly blessed my husband John and I.

As a young girl I played softball, making sports my passion. I loved the fields. Playing first base,

second base, and pitching. The hitting of the ball and running around that dirt diamond shaped field. The

bruises, scrapes, and the friends. I enjoyed softball as a young girl, so now I gladly pass that passion for it

on to my oldest daughter Rebecca. I love sitting behind the fence with the other parents cheering on the

girls. The long weekends at softball tournaments, the sound of the crowds, and the girls yelling in the

dugout. It brings back so many memories. I love watching Rebecca throw a forty mile an hour fast ball. It

feels my with such pleasure, because I know she has the same passion of the game as I did at her age.

The desire for Education is a passion of mine. In June 1997, I graduated from North Central High

School. Not knowing what I know now, I decided to take as year off. Big mistake on my part. I have been

out of school for fourteen years now, I have...
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