The Three Gorges Dam

Topics: Three Gorges Dam, Dam, Yangtze River Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: September 3, 2012

The three Gorges Dam

1. What stakeholders have been helped by the Three Gorges Dam? What stakeholders have been hurt by it?

The Three Gorges Dam provided electricity for the stakeholders, it was very important for the developing of china’s economic, where the demand for electricity was increase and increase rapidly. It also controlled the water at the safe level. Thus, it could reduce the flood. Furthermore, Hydroelectric was a safe energy for the environment, it did not emit CO2. Therefore, it could reduce the effect of green house.

The stakeholders were hurt by Three Gorged Dam because it usurped farmlands from farmer. A quarter million acres of fertile farmland were flooded. At least 1.3 million Chinese, mostly in rural towns and villages along the river, were forcibly resettled to higher ground. Water level in this area increased and destroys many local people houses. Thus, local people have met a lot problem.

2. How does the Three Gorges Dam relate to the issue of global warming, biodiversity, and water pollution discussed in this chapter?

The Three Gorges Dam reduced CO2 that was emitted by thermoelectricity factory; it also prevented the pollution that was entering into the river. However, it was a main cause of reducing biodiversity; it prevented the stream and also prevented the movement of the creature.

3. Do you agree with the decision of the Chinese's government to construct the Three Gorges Dam? Why or why not?

I agree with the decision of the Chinese's government to construct the Three Gorges Dam because a lot of benefit it can bring for China. In fact, in the 20th century alone, 300,000 lives had been lost and millions of homes destroyed, in 1998, a flood on the river had killed 3,656 people and cost the nation $38 billion. Therefore, Three Gorges Dam construction is necessary because it can protect people from flood, prevent pollution, and produce clean energy. We can easy...
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