The Three Biggest Issues Facing High School Students

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  • Published : May 17, 2006
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In society today, people of every age have issues they need to deal with. Some issues for one age may differ from the issues of another age, or they may be the same. High school students, in particular, face many issues. Our society is run in a fashion that makes it difficult for high school students to make good choices, and use good judgment. The three biggest issues facing high school students today are having sex, using drugs, and alcohol abuse.

High school students today are faced with something their parents may have never experienced at such a young age, and that is the issue of participating in sexual acts. Sex is a very important part of life, but most high school students are too immature to fully understand the effects sex could have on their lives. Most high school students have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and nowadays it is not uncommon to have some form of sex with the other person. High school students need to learn how to deal with this issue, because the issue is only going to continue to get bigger.

Most high school students are asked to try drugs at least once during their four years of high school. Drugs have evolved into a world of addiction and suffering. Most high school students think it is ok to smoke marijuana, but other high school students take it to the next level and do cocaine, or even heroin. This is a problem. This issue is not only dangerous to society; it can be deadly for the person facing the issue. This issue effects almost every high school student in some way, and high school students need to learn to deal with it in a positive way.

Alcohol is an issue some high school student may experience at a very young age, possibly before high school. When teenagers see adults doing things, such as drinking it makes the teenagers want to try it. Every high school student has been offered a beer at a party or a drink at a concert. Some students may be smart enough to turn it down, but some are not. This is an important issue...