The Third Murderer

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Everything good became bad
William Shakespeare wrote many great plays and one of the critics’ favourites is Macbeth. The tragedy of Macbeth is a very violent and bloody play, filled with betrayal, mystery and murder. After Macbeth becomes king, he is threatened by his best friend, Banquo, so he orders to have him killed. He hires three murderers to kill his best friend. He really didn't need three but he hired the third one anyway. No one will ever know who the third murderer is and this question has been perplexing many authors ever since the original manuscript was burnt in a tragic fire at the globe. However, throughout this essay substantial evidence will be taken into consideration to not only prove that Macduff was the third murderer, but also prove that no other character in this story would be a logical choice. During, the time of Banquo's murder Macbeth was having a party. It was a grand party and everyone attended everyone except Macduff. The third murderer is Macduff because of the mystery about him. Macduff is the third murderer because of Macbeth’s lack of trust in the other two murders. Macbeth knew he could trust Macduff because he was kinsmen and therefore a good soldier. The King knew Banquo was also a good soldier because he fought along with him in the wars with Ireland and Norway. He also knew the first and second murderer had no chance against someone so skilled. Macbeth then decided to use Macduff to do his dirty work for him. Three against one would certainly guarantee his friends death. Second of all, Macbeth trusted Macduff because everyone must obey the King. When he became king everybody else became inferior to him and they had to do everything he asks them to do. Whether it is good or bad everyone must obey or they could possibly face the death penalty. In short, Macbeth was a tyrant, a man who would do anything for power. Macduff is also the third murderer because he found out Macbeth wanted to kill Fleance too. Macbeth had a party...
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