The Things I Carry

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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The Things I Carry

The Things I Carry are more than one can guess by just looking at me. I carry more than just my school supplies when I walk into the school every morning. I carry a lot more on my shoulders than just a book bag filled with things I bought from OfficeMax. I carry many thoughts about my past, present, and my future. I carry my conscience every minute of the day which helps, and prevents me from going where I want to go. I carry my conscience through home life and social life. I carry guilt, shame, joy, drive, and determination. I carry everything that goes on in my life, wherever I go. I also carry more than just the ambition to do well in school.

I carry my backpack into school every morning. I carry 19 mechanical pencils, 20 ballpoint pens, two pocket folders, one five-subject notebook and one assignment notebook. I carry a textbook for every class except English, my cell phone, my packed lunchbox, and of course a water bottle or two to stay hydrated throughout the day. I carry more than just my supplies when I walk into school. I carry all my drive to do well in school. I carry the dream of going off to college, and being successful in whatever I choose to do. I carry the determination to get good grades because I know I have it in me. I also carry the laziness to ignore my schoolwork. I carry a mindset that tells me B’s and C’s are good enough, and that I can just skip a few assignments whenever I feel like it. I carry the thoughts of living a bad life because I chose not to put the effort into high school. I also carry the thoughts of living up to every one of my expectations in life. I carry the motivation to not only succeed my last two years in high school, but make these last two years my best years. I carry the thought that this year of high school is my most important. I carry the stress all of these thoughts put on me. I also carry the strength to overcome certain obstacle like stress. I also carry my past throughout...
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