The Things I Carry

Topics: Weight, Diaper, Caffeine Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The weights that I carry
A trip to the store can sometimes feel like an initiation to war. I carry a diaper bag that while empty, weighs about 3.4 ponds. I carry 4 Huggies pull-ups in case of “accidents” 5.6 oz, I carry Motrin for the toothaches and fevers, I carry the smell of spoiled milk and the sensation of stickiness of a child I did not bear but love just the same. A few Twizzlers in case he sees the candy aisle, or our adventure interferes with the midday nap. Going to work isn’t any different, I carry pens 2.3 oz, paper 1.7 oz, tips anywhere from two to five dollars if the days have gone well, I carry a smile on my face to greet others as they walk in although my distain of my boss is lurking right behind it. I carry the weight of losing my job in the recession and the chance my family won’t be able to afford the bare essentials. I carry the weight of my teachers constant nagging at my assignments are not in yet and whether my home life is healthy, I carry a book bag that weighs 15 pounds but on un- caffeinated days can feel like tons more. I carry pens, paper, books, homework, and the weight of worry whether I’ll get into the proper college or if I’ll be able to afford it. I carry the weight of my fencing bag that approximately weighs 25 pounds and the pressure of keeping my spot as first chair, I carry the weight of stares of my teammates waiting for my downfall I n order to move in like savage wolves. My epee that I carry in my right hand in every bout weighs 5.8 pounds but when I go against the only person who can beat me, Cassie Ziffidora, it feels like so much more. In the morning I carry the weight of my own body (not to be mentioned) just to raise my head from the comfort of my bed. All these weights I bear and caffeine makes them feel so much lighter but the weights have just toned my resilience to become stronger emotionally and I would not want to lessen these weights. Carla Alvarado
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