The Things We Learn from Our Friends Are More Important Than What We Learn from Our Familyvels.

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Since born, we learn a lot of things from family and friends. There are many similaries with family and friends. But also there are diffrences with them too. Some people say the things we learn from friends are more important than learn from family. Because usually humans learn lots when they are teenagers especially their adolescent. Therefore teenagers mimic their friends' act, way of thinking and start to learn how to deal with troubles. However In my life the things that i was learning from my family affect more than my friends. My family efforts to teach me how to endure the confront problems when my friends make me feel better. When my Friends gave 'joy' for me, my family gave me 'living'. which are more important.From my personal experience I got low score on one class. So i got depress, sorrow, and wanted to give up. because i could not see any hope for improve my grade. My friends try to make my feel better so they brought movie, shopping and restaurant. I felt better because of them but I still did not get motivation to improve my grade. That time my family cheered for me and said if i try to do my best then I will improve my grade. So I believed them and I did my best to improve my grade up. So i got C- to A- on my final Furthermore, Family has taught moral and good education, but friends sometimes make you to do slanders or immoralism. For example before we consider and determine by ourselves, family teach us which way is the best way to respect audults, make good social relationship, and study. but friends sometimes make you departure from your life for fun. Also They sometimes let us do slander while we feel horrible from others when family teach be nice to them. I believe both of family and friends are always try to give benefits to us. but my family make me more strong person than every moment, and showed me when i do my best, everything becomes so stable. Moreover My family taught me how to forgive and reconcile with people. which is most...
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