The Things They Carried

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Jared Sansonette
Chapter 1 Questions
I love the very in depth detail. The seriousness in the story and the emotions it pulls from you. I question who they are talking about at times. I believe that Tim O'Brien is the most dynamic character because he is the narrator and the main character. This chapter is on the field with the soldiers and explaining everything that they carry when they are in battle. It explains everything the soldiers have in their bags and what things they have that relate to war and things that relate to more sentimental reasons. This chapter goes over all the soldiers and gives you a brief feel of what kind of person they are. It also lets you know what they carry and what makes them unique. I believe that the story of Jimmy Cross carrying the letters from Martha in his back is very unique because it shows how truly lonely he is and I believe every soldier can relate to the pain he is feeling. Another unique story from this chapter is the story of Jimmy Cross talking about how he would have forced Martha to do stuff and let him touch her knee all night. This story was more creepy which made it unique and different. Cross changes once Lavender dies. Jimmy Cross stopped thinking about Martha and burned all of her letters and pictures. Jimmy Cross carries the pictures of Martha and the letters. This shows that he has a soft spot and he does care about things. He isn't just a soldier, he is a real person with a heart. Also, Kiowa carries a New Testament Bible which shows his religious beliefs and his beliefs that he bases his life on. He is a man of morals and happiness. The pebble symbolizes their relationship. It symbolizes the shoreline on the beach where things come together, but at the same time get pulled apart. Cross is so concerned about Martha being a virgin because he wanted her to be pure and innocent. The heaviest things that the men carried were guns, ammunition, and even heavier than those, the radios....
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